“Maybe…when you are done with that…I can have some…hmmm!!!”

23 Jan


A quote from my 3 year old daughter.

So it has been a busy weekend in my kitchen…

I had told my good friend ages ago that I would do a cake for a baby shower that she was hosting and when we chatted around Christmas time, she was thinking old toys, and settled on a “chatter phone” cake, so that was for Sunday. About two weeks or so ago I got an email from a woman, whose wedding cake I had made previously (its the Lily of the Valley cake in my albums), asking if I was still making cakes. I said I was and she promptly asked if I would do her baby shower cake, and I said of course. So her cake was for Saturday. Then about a week ago, my husband called from work asking what it would cost to do a Captain America shield for this weekend for a co-worker’s son. When I found out when it was for, I told him no way…then I made it for Friday.


Captain America’s shield.


I think I might finally be getting the hang of the “Mad Hatter style of cake.

DSC_3672Can you believe I only got a pic of the phone from the side…stupid battery

After not being sure how it would turn out and staring for a hour at different pictures of Chatter Phones’ (which as an FYI, start out pretty creepy…they all stare at you). I think it turned out not so bad…one of my favs actually. Hopefully I will have a frontal pic on my page soon thanks the the host of the baby shower.

So needless to say, my kiddos, who watched cake after cake be made and decorated, asking each time if it was for them, were disappointed that there were no treats. I have been trying to cut back on the sugar I have been eating and by extention theirs, so there have been no cookies or cupcakes baked for the family lately. They have been so good that it was time for a treat. Before I left for grocery shopping I asked what everyone would like for one…a hopeful voice, much to deep to be one of my daughters’ said “ice cream?!” (Apparently my husband needed a treat too).

So ice cream it was, but not to do anything by half measures I made cookie bowls for them too.


This is the recipe that I used for the cookie:


(It is so good I want to eat just the dough)

The site says you need to get an ice-cream bowl pan, but I am here to tell you that you do not 😀 Who has room for yet one more pan in their kitchen (well I am sure I could find room but I am not sure that my husband would like it).

I used the back on my muffin tin (cover it in shortening, and flour…I didn’t use flour this time, but I will try it next time for ease of release).

You are welcome!!!


(Alright I will admit it, I can’t take credit for this idea…it was something I saw somewhere on the internet…one of those forwards that got sent to me that I skim through before I delete. I saw it and took note…Last week a friend re-suggested it to me too and actually sent me the recipe for these cookies too…again yum!)




We are already planning all the other things we could do with these bowls, and all the flavour combinations…seriously we talked about it for about 20 minutes…


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