“If you drop a teapot in the ocean…

31 Jan

it’ll sink and then the jelly fish and squids will take it and hug it…did you know that Mom?”

Words of wisdom from my almost five year old daughter that made me smile enough to wipe out the rest of my Monday (of course it would have been better if she hadn’t been pouring water out of the teapot onto her sister’s head, but her face just added to the amusement).

I was all set to write a post about how crappy the day had been.

But I am not going to after all. I am going to let go of the bad things that happened…all the stupid little annoyances that make Monday and I not friends. 

Because I know that in the grand scheme of things I have it pretty good right now, and the fact that my day started by trying to shove a crinoline lined skirt into snow pants, and was then followed by 3 more dress changes all by the same person, while the bus was a matter of minutes a way, doesn’t make it a horrible day, just a normal one when you have kids (especially one who has clothing texture issues apparently).

I have it pretty good, with three smart, clever, beautiful girls and yesterday I even got to spend much of the day with my littlest nephew (his normal babysitter got to have a well-deserved break). I have a house and a loving family. Friends that I know are there when I need them because you have been there when my family needed you. 

So take that Monday, you may have punched me in the face when you said hello in the morning, but guess what you are over now and done with and my life isn’t earth-shatteringly changed…

wait that isn’t true…it is…sort of…okay not really, but I do have a new tool in my arsenal against the world of my whiney children (and husband) when it comes to mealtimes.

A meal EVERYONE, all three girls, my husband, and myself, ate…and happily too…there was no whining. I no longer felt the need to have those earphones that constructions workers wear (though I would still like a pair for other days, and could mine in hot pink please).



Please disregard the crummy picture, they tasted better than they looked and next time will be way prettier.

I have never made meatloaf before so I searched a recipe and found this one:


Of course I was missing some ingredients, because that is the way life works on a Monday right, but that wasn’t going to stop me, so I improvised. I didn’t have onions but didn’t want to lose flavour. I was also out of breadcrumbs and was going to use plain crackers and it hit me…use that last bit of Veggie Thin crackers, some sour cream ‘n’ onion potato chips and some whole grain Ritz crackers…The rest of the recipe was the same, but instead of shaping it into a loaf I made it into individual muffin tin sized meatloaves.

To eat with them I made garlic mashed potatoes, with lots of butter and fresh garlic and cream (not low fat at all but terribly yummy). Just serving them on the side wasn’t good enough for me yesterday…this meatloaf needed to be dressed up for dinner, so I made them into “cupcakes.” I tried to squeeze the potatoes prettily on top but apparently i didn’t whip them enough and a potato chunk got stuck in my tip…whoops…I have learned from this and potatoes will henceforth be whipped into a frenzy….This time, I used an ice cream scoop instead… There you have it…an easy-peasy recipe that my entire family ate up…my husband ate four of them, and the girls all cleaned their plates…the little one in fact licked hers, thus leading to bath night, and the afore mentioned teapot pouring, but I digress…


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