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Love = chocolate…and lots of it!!!

18 Feb


So by now, many of you have seen my daughter’s birthday cake from last week, and are aware of how much time I spent on it because she deserved something special. Well this week (in fact four days after my daughter’s and two days after Valentine’s day) was my husband’s birthday…(It was also our anniversary this week, but that is not the point :-P)…

Usually by his birthday we are very caked out (or at least I am)…he hasn’t had his own cake made by me, I don’t think anyway, in a couple of years (I know what cake it was…the death by chocolate one from one of the Looney Spoons cookbooks…but I can’t remember when I made it…I think maybe before our first was born), so I thought that this year it was time…

He told me he wanted a rich chocolate cake, filled with chocolate bars (at which point he went off on a tangent about a restaurant dessert that has white chocolate cheesecake baked in…I am pretty sure his eyes glazed over and there was drool in the corner of his mouth), covered with more chocolate.

So a few days ago I went off to the store and bought chocolate bars…a ton of them…I am pretty sure that the store clerk as well as several of the customers in line checked to see if I had a stretchy waistband on my pants, due to the obscene amount of chocolate that was in my basket…I avoided eye contact as I paid, just to be safe…

For the record, there is about $1 worth of chocolate bar for every inch of diameter in his cake…

For the cake, I made my go to chocolate cake recipe, but since it is runny I let it bake for about 5 minutes before I put in my chopped up chocolate bars in it (I also coated them in cocoa) so they didn’t sink)…I filled it with chocolate fudge icing and more candy bars, then iced it with chocolate butter cream icing…on top of that I put a chocolate fudge glaze and more candy bars…


Even the mini Reese Peanut Butter cups have extra chocolate…

I wasn’t sure how the cake would turn out but it looked and smelled yummy and at least I tried so I gave it to him…It was YUMMY!!!! SO good…I am going to dream about it…It was so rich that even he had to admit defeat before finishing the GIANT piece he cut!!! (This is big, because he eat chocolate like it is going out of style…or at least he would if I kept it in the house all the time).

The cake contained (besides the cocoa and sugar in the cake itself): three small bags of mini Reese Peanut Butter cups, 2 bags of Aero bubbles, a Wunderbar, two Mars bars, and two Crunchie bars. It also had one container of ready made Fudge icing (you know the kind you eat guiltily with a spoon…at least this is what I do…only in the fridge to satisfy a chocolate craving, not to use on cakes) and a batch of my chocolate butter cream…then I made the chocolate topping that I use on Boston Cream pies…


Now if the sugar coma I put him into for his birthday doesn’t spell out love I don’t know what does…


Halee’s cake…a preview

13 Feb



Halee’s birthday cake, complete with page 1 of her drawn instructions (yup there was more than one page in a handy folded pamphlet)…Sorry about the colour and whatnot…more pics will come when I get a chance (I can’t believe I didn’t take one of the back of the tower where there was a second window).

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