Let them eat…Waffles…

21 Apr

Holey Moley…it has been busy these days. Can you believe that it is the end of April already? I feel like I haven’t had anytime to get anything I wanted to do done, you know like the laundry, or washing the floor 😛 But I got a lot of other things done…super important things…I played with the girls and babysat my nephew (who because he won’t sleep here in a playpen or the crib gives me an excuse to have a rest myself because he will fall asleep on my knee if we watch a movie with my daughter on the couch), and I combed macaroni and cheese out of my little ones hair…and then out of the dogs hair…this I assure you is hard to do!!! It is sticky!!

I also baked a couple of cakes!DSC_3807


And I discovered a new obsession…homemade sourdough bread. I am not entirely sure that before htis week I had ever had sourdough…I mean I am sure at some point in my life it must have been eaten but I have never gone out of my way for it. About a week or so ago, someone on a SWAP site in my area said that they had sourdough starter to share so I jumped on it. The day it arrived at my house I stared at it uncomfortably I had to Google how to take care of it…did you know that you have to FEED it? Like a baby, it eats and grows and mutates (okay well generally babies don’t mutate)…it ended up in multiple jars around my kitchen and having learned that you can change the type of starter it is based on what you feed it I have more than one type too. I have made bagels, and bread, and my biggest obsession is…WAFFLES!!!!!

I searched online and came up with a non-scary recipe that I found at Breadtopia (http://www.breadtopia.com/sourdough-waffles-and-pancakes/) and we had waffles last weekend (I have also forced them on my sister and a friend who just had a baby)…so yummy but you have to start making them the night before and we all know how well I do at planning things in advance…sooooooo….my plan has been to make some and freeze them…you know like eggos…but each time I have made them they haven’t lasted long enough…

Anyway I think you should all make some…and if you need some sourdough starter to “start” you off let me know, I can probably hook you up :-D 


Turns out on the day I made these we were almost entirely out of syrup so we melted some of the cream cheese icing I had used for the cake and served them with strawberries I stole from my sister’s freezer (Thanks Erin!)



2 Responses to “Let them eat…Waffles…”

  1. Treena April 21, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    Thanks again for the awsome Beyblade Cake for Wyatt’s birthday not only looked great but tasted great too!

    • minertemptations April 22, 2012 at 8:45 am #

      No problem…once I figured out what a Beyblade was 😛 Glad you enjoyed it

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