Poisoned kisses…

8 May

who knew that such a cute little face could be the spreader of poison…it is a whole new reality in my new gluten-free life. Image

First an update: this is, I think, week 3 of being gluten-free and I am feeling so much better already. I feel like doing things again, and the desire to play n the kitchen. I haven’t asked the person I was with where I was going a million times in the car and I can focus so much better. I am still not 100% and not expecting miracles but things are still falling into place and if eating gf is the way to keep it happening I will.

I have gone back to making most of our dinners from scratch (yesterday I wasn’t feeling well so I admit I pulled out the mac’n’cheese for the kiddos yesterday and I ate and egg on gf toast later that night). For the most part the kiddos have embraced the change for dinner time with ease (and actually have gobbled up both tonight’s stew with rice and the other days amaranth pasta with sauce and meatballs stopping short of licking their plates), which is good because i have more plans for them. They have all tested negative so far, thank goodness but we aren’t convinced that the weest one has symptoms…she has an appointment with the doctor in a couple of weeks to discuss our next move.

I have been doing lots of reading and have fallen in love once again with recipe books and their glossy pictures singing their siren songs…I have gotten a lot of support from various people in different ways and I am very grateful. I went out for dinner with friends and who knew, our local restaurant has a separate gf kitchen (I had a divine club sandwich…yum).

The school has a tea every year for volunteers and I was sort of dreading going because i knew that they would have all sorts of gluten laden treats that I would not be able to eat, but I wanted to go because the tea is such a nice gesture…when I arrived at the tea however one of H’s teachers (whose granddaughter suffers from celiacs as well) made me gf brownies on a special separate plate. Lovely!!!

I had to get the hubby to pick up new toothpaste coming home one night because the brand/type we were using couldn’t guarantee to be totally gf…who knew…

Which leads me to the poisoned kisses…the amount of gluten it takes to start damaging a person who has Celiac disease is minute…like I can eat about 1/350th of a slice of bread a day (http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/PreventingCrossContamination/f/How-Much-Gluten-Can-Make-Me-Sick.htm) and be “okay.” There can be trace amounts of gluten in even foods labeled “gluten-free” (tricky I know) and this can add up. For those of you that have felt the way I did you can understand why even a minute amount is too much. In this vein, to prevent “cross-contamination” many of the websites and books and blogs have rather cheekily mentioned that the hubby should make sure to brush his teeth/wash his face (because of his beard especially) before any sort of canoodling (even the most innocent kind LOL), but no one mentioned the cute little face above…her and her two partners in crime are going to be mommy’s worst enemy, because while I was able to turn down the goldfish crackers she was so nicely trying to share with me, how can you turn aside from their love filled kisses, even while smelling the very poison in their hot little breath?!?!


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