my kingdom for a pizza…and a porsche

15 May

Have you ever had those moments when you think to yourself “This is silly. Of course I can have/do/eat (insert random item you have been told to quit here). After all I have had it/been doing it my whole life up to this point? Why would it need to change all of a sudden?!”

I had that moment on the way to my daughter’s school this morning. I packed my snacks and lunches for all three girls (the wee one was coming with me), but it was pizza lunch day for T and I knew that I would be surrounded by small children and pizza, and worse than that I knew that she would offer me the crust (which she did) so in the car I wavered…thankfully I had eaten before I left and I had snacks for lunch break, and I remembered how much better I am finally statring to feel (though part of me wants to just give in and see what happens…denial maybe LOL)

This is hard…some days are easier than others and I know it will get easier (my kitchen is slowly becoming gluten free…instead of me having a shelf with snacks there is a shelf with wheat bread and snacks and our dinners are almost all gluten free so I don’t have to make too many double meals…and the kids are gobbling it up in ways I haven’t seen before), but I miss certain things…often things I haven’t thought about in ages and then I crave only to find out it is gluten filled…sigh…like licorice…I love licorice…good thing I found a recipe to try to make it (maybe later tonight).

Oh and I made these Image

They are gluten free chocolate cupcakes, with a peanut butter filling, topped with chocolate cream cheese icing and drizzled with peanut butter topping. They were pretty good. Nice and moist (not at all like I had been dreading). That day my husband ate three of them (though he said they were much better before I put them in the fridge).

And then I made these yesterday Image

They started out as vanilla but since I used coconut oil and milk in them they had a bit of a coconutty taste to them so I just went with it…I topped them with vegan coconut “butter”-cream and some toasted coconut. They had kind of a weird texture…dense like a muffin but still kind of light?! Is that even possible.  Took them to parent council and they got eaten…though one of my parent council members was saddened…he said in reference to my old cupcakes vs my new gf ones “once you have driven a Porsche…”

so now I have time to play a bit and so it is time to tinker so that I ca work my way back up to a Porsche LOL


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