The ghosts of the treats of Canada Days past…

22 Jun

With the business of the end of school (3 more school days, thus only 6 more lunches to pack…hooray), it was today that I was reminded that Canada Day is quickly approaching…in fact I got reminded twice buy two different people and then I took my kids to the dollar store (which FYI is never a good idea when you are going in for JUST ONE THING…which was what I went in for, and didn’t come out with) and my kiddos found these (she has inherited her mommy’s camera face LOL):


Of course this meant, we had to buy 4 of them (my youngest nephew was there too with my sister 🙂 ) and they are lying in various stages of disrepair even though we only just got them (except for this pair which has remained perched atop my oldest daughter’s head for the entire afternoon…in fact she plans to sleep with them even). 

Anyway, with the whole going gluten-free and re-creating all the yummy yummies in gf, I am so not sure what treats I will bake up for our nation’s birthday. In the meantime I thought I would share some goodies from years past.

 I made this cute little cake for a friend’s son’s first birthday two years ago…it was so hot this year that the cupcakes I made to match this cake but for my own family no longer had maple leaves on them but more like red chocolate blobs. Good thing my kids are understanding (or more likely they didn’t care what they looked like as long as they could sink their little teeth into them).


That same year I made this strawberry shortcake inspired cake to send to my hubby’s work. If you squint you can even see the maple leaf (fresh picked organic berries sure taste wonderful but I am pretty sure all the cakes made like this in the fancy magazine use the large pointy ones to get their perfect shapes).Image

 Last year my sister and I had a booth at the market and it was full of gorgeous red and white treats. Here are some of the cookies I made:


These ones I have Trilogy Edibles to thank for the idea. She made great maple leaf flag cookies by layering two cookies together. I used a similar plan but made royal icing maple leafs for the centres of my flags instead, still I couldn’t have done it without her.


And these cookies combined three of my favourite things: red velvet, graham crackers and cream cheese icing…YUM!!!!

With only a week left I guess it is time to come up with some gluten-free Canada Day treats…hmmm…thinking cake on!!!


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