What She Ate: By The Campfire

10 Jul



I am going to let you in on a little secret here, okay well maybe even a couple of secrets. Ready?  Number 1) the week just got away from me and I kind of forgot about yesterdays post (which is why I am doing it now , and number 2) is that we haven’t been camping since I was pregnant with monkey number 2…yikes…to put that in perspective monkey number 3 turns three next week. We keep saying we are going to go and something just comes up…we really need to go and soon. Some of my best memories from growing up are while camping…like the day my mean older brother told me where bacon came from…that was a sad day in my world, but bacon tastes so good that I got over it (though a video I watched the other day thanks to Netflix almost changed my mind again).

Anyway, put those two secrets together and you really have nothing to make for a blog link up called by the campfire right?! Not so…I made S’mores cupcakes 😀 Okay so I am stretching the theme a bit but I hope I will be forgiven.



and I really, really , really want to share the recipe with you but I can’t….I can’t find it…I adapted a non-gluten-free one and turned it into the most AH-MAH-ZING gluten free cupcake, but I DIDN’T WRITE IT DOWN (my very pregnant sister is going to be SO PISSED…so pardon me while I find a good hiding spot from which to continue the search…if I can find the original I can re-create the gluten-free, please be patient with me).

I know I used sweet rice flour and gf graham crackers LOL. I stuffed it with marshmallow frosting, put chocolate ganache on it and some meringue  on it and then broiled it to get the toasty to. 

ImageLooks toasty doesn’t it? (I am looking for it I swear)

and then (please don’t hate me)…I cut it open to show you the inside.Image

While I am looking for the recipe, check out the other fabulous bloggers that took part in this weeks link up Stars in Jars and Let it Unravel.

I will post the recipe as soon as I re-create it for you I PROMISE!



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